PORSCHE: Canvas prints

Studio canvas prints are produced by the giclee method on fine quality artist grade canvas. All editions are full size ...usually same size as the original work... and released in small editions of 20 or less signed and numbered prints. Each print is signed and numbered in both the image and the margin.

Prints are shipped rolled requiring stretching on arrival. Our prints have an ample margin for stretching and are finished with a UV varnish similar to that used on original paintings. All print production is supervised by the artist.

Canvas prints can be ordered online through the studio store. Shipping is included for most editions for most destinations in Canada and the continental US.

Located in downtown Toronto at 49 Wellington Street East, the building is the Gooderham Building or more commonly known as the "Flatiron Building". It is situated on a triangular parcel of land in Toronto's St. Lawrence Market District... full story here

SIZE: 34x44", edition of 10, (CAN138)


Friday Night on Ocean
Jay Koka: “My latest painting captures that moment on the line just before an impromptu ...and always exceptionally "short-lived"... drag across the intersection. Here we have a Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 just a moment before the brake lights dim. Visual excitement for all exotics fans....full story here

NEW SIZE: 34x20", edition of 10, (CAN124-S)


The Drift No3 (Porsche 918)
”"Hot" is the only word that can adequately describe Jay Koka's latest in the Drift series. The Drift No3 follows the general concept of the very successful No1 of 2000 and No2 of 2008. All three are somewhat minimalist concentrating on the effect of speed on a car...but not in a straight line...more at the edge of a long drift. Each is also representative of the painting style of the period. Feartures the outstanding Porsche 918.” 48x22", edition of 20, (CAN0119)


918 on Ocean
The powerful headlight beams from approaching cars in the background create a magical effect burning away major portions of the image and casting a veritable rainbow of complex colors on the entire scene. Add to that the effect of the tailights of cars already passed on the front of the 918 and the result is an interesting balance of colors from corner to corner of the painting. In the end, there is something very inviting and compelling about this very large, major painting.”

NEW SIZE: 30x42", edition of 10, (CAN0117-S)