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Jay Koka's one and only "Indy" themed work captures the thrilling and at the time closest finish in Indy racing history with Al Unser Jr and Scott Goodyear. The print was released in a number of different edition versions and was almost immediately sold out.
This is an actual CYAN (blue) printing plate that was stored in the Studio archive, it has numerous notations including Scott Goodyear signature as well as proof dated, titled and signed by Jay Koka. The aluminium alloy plate was removed from the press and immediately washed and stored. In perfect condition...stored in an archive box since 1992.

Edition Size
Edition Size offset litho CYAN PRINTING PLATE, signed by driver Scott Goodyear
Size PRINTING PLATE sheet size approx 40w x 30
Substrate aluminium alloy
Finish sealed
Shipped to be determined

43/1000's (printing plate)

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  • $500.00

Tags: indy, racing, 1992, unser, goodyear, printing, plate

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