"Directions in Cartagena" is published
"Directions in Cartagena", Koka's oustanding location-themed painting has been published as a full-size canvas limited edition. Order online here: >Studio Store
Jay Koka's "CALAO" is published
"Calao", Koka's Athena Award winning painting has been published as a full-size canvas limited edition. Order online here: >Studio Store
Jay Koka has captured "Best of Show" at the Stan Hywet Hall Concours Art Exhibition. Koka was also the poster artist for this inaugural concours event in Akron Ohio USA, September 2014.
Jay Koka has been awarded an "ATHENA AWARD" at the AFAS Premiere Art Exhibition at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours in August. This is Koka's 6th Athena at this show, he has also received the "Peter Helck Award" and the "Lincoln Award" at this exhibition.
The Studio Store features full-size canvas prints ONLY for order online. For litho and giclee S/N paper editions and Posters, offline ordering only, please contact the Studio at 1-519-650-3908. Credit cards accepted.

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