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NOW POSTED New for 2018: "Friday Night on Ocean - Later" ... 2018 HERE » "Friday Night on Ocean"..."F12 at Vesuvio"... 2017 HERE » the Ferrari Club of America 2017 event art: "Ready for the Grid" is now available as a full-size canvas print... LEARN MORE HERE »  ...Athena Award winning major works like "918 on Ocean", "Breathless in Shanghai" and "The Drift No3" premiered at the Pebble Beach exhibit ... 2016 WORK »    


RETROMOBILE 2018, Paris France:
Jay Koka will exhibit his work with the Artist Auto group at the 2018 RETROMOBILE Show at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France. The show starts Wednesday February 7 More information ...here.
If you are planning to be in the Paris area, be sure to drop by and say hello... Learn more about the RETROMOBILE show... ...here
Now Available:
Latest full-size canvas prints now released... ...Friday Night on Ocean and ...F12 at Vesuvio
Rare - Unusual - Unique
A new and continually changing list of prints, posters, etc from the studio archives (but no originals)... check out the current list... ...here
Check out the story on Jay Koka's work in the June issue of Autostrada Magazine. We've received permission from the publisher to post a pdf version... ...view story here
New works premiering at the 2016 AFAS Pebble Beach Show have earned Jay Koka another Athena Award of Excellence. ...see latest work
CARS YEAH Interview Podcast
Jay Koka was interviewed by Mark Greene for a CARS YEAH podcast. A broad-ranging interview about art and the artist's background... Link to Podcast
Very limited availability... two versions in the FIRST EDITION, Standard and 30 Limited Edition Numbered and Signed ... learn more here
Studio ARCHIVE Site
all new for our anniversary year...archives the first 20 years of the Studio originals and prints/posters... www.k20.ca
FOUND! a few Studio books
A few signed/numbered copies of the 10th Anniversary hardcover book from 1994 have turned up in the studio. Excellent, as-released condition. Learn more
The Studio Store features full-size canvas prints ONLY for order online. All store prices are in US Dollars. For litho and giclee S/N paper editions and Posters, offline ordering only, please contact the Studio at 1-519-650-3908. Credit cards accepted.

Recent Work

"Old Propaganda Posters" is one of a number of recent new paintings. Take a look at recent original works and event poster art here...

Recent original work »

Canvas Prints

Our limited edition prints faithfully reproduce the original work life-size on canvas... expensive... but they are always produced one at a time in very small editions of 20 numbered and signed copies.

View Print Library »

The Studio Store

CANVAS PRINTS may be purchased through the online store using your Visa and Mastercard cards, All Prices in US Dollars:
Studio Store online orders »
For Amex charges, please call the studio.

All PAPER PRINTS are now available for order Offline only 1-519-650-3908.
Offline Orders information here »

Rare - Unusual - Unique

This new ...and evolving... section features prints, posters and other surprises, but no original works. Take a look... almost all are one of a kind and can be purchased through the Studio Store-Rare. Click below preview the current list.

Rare-Unusual-Unique »


Some exciting paintings have started life as a privately commissioned work. This is your opportunity to own a highly personal painting by one of the best known automotive-themed artists in the world. Learn more...

Commissions »

The Book

2016 was the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Studio. We've published a beautiful 96 page volume to celebrate. An extremely limited Numbered/Signed edition and a Standard First Edition ...learn more...

30:30 Book »

Jay Koka Studio 10
The Book

Published in 1994 to mark Studio's 10th anniversary. Extremely limited availabilty of a few signed and numbered copies from an edition of 200. Hardcover, cloth-bound with matching hard slip cover. Can be personalized.

Studio 10 Book »

the Studio

Marking it's 30th year in 2016, the Studio and multi-award winning artist Jay Koka are in the premiere ranks of the automotive fine art...

Jay Koka Bio »


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Contact: 1-519-650-3908 | artfile@nitebridge.com
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