Title: "Bugatti"
by Jay Koka, © 1971
18”w x 18”, (45x45cm) overall, exhibited image approx 10 x 10" (25x25cm),
gouache on board, Artist Collection
Completed in 1971, this is the earliest work in the artist's collection. Now 50+ years old, the painting has been in the family's possession and on display in the home for that entire period… except when loaned for public exhibition. The painting has not been previously offered for public sale.

The "Bugatti" painting was exhibited at the Studio's 20th anniversary exhibition at the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada, USA in 2007. The painting then moved on to the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles, USA for a continuing public exhibition.

The painting is what is now a very rare work executed on paper board in gouache. Unusual for the medium, the painting was finished with a brush applied solvent-based varnish. This, as well as continuous quality framing and considered exhibition location, has helped the work retain all of its original color range and intensity.

The work is dated on the front as part of the artist signature as well as on the back.

A very small 10x10" matted image, about 18x18" overall framed. A unique and timeless work from Jay Koka that has resided as part of the artist's collection for 50+ years.

This major work was selected for the Gallery section of the 10th anniversary book "JAY KOKA STUDIO TEN" in which significant works were chosen to represent the first 10 years of the Studio's incorporation. Of course this classic work is dated far before that date but was included because of its importance in the development of the artist's work.