"Hey, Nice Car!"
Title: "Hey, Nice Car"
by Jay Koka, © 2009
44”w x 60”, (110x150cm) acrylic on canvas
artist collection

Jay Koka: "I was out on my bike (Ducati 999) last year (2008) and I pulled up beside a female friend driving a beater. She didn't see me coming until I pulled up beside her and said… sarcastically… hey, nice car!

As is usual for me, the idea for a painting came in a flash. And as is also usual for me, it took me a while to get it done.

Oddly, I had not considered the impact of the very large image area occupied by the door until I actually started the painting. I was very concerned at the beginning that it would become the dominant element of the painting. I had to work hard to keep it under control and in the end, I think it worked out well. "Hey, Nice Car" features my Porsche Cayman S and an interior that makes it worthwhile to look inside."

A very large 44x60" major new work from Jay Koka that premiered at AFAS Art Exhibition at Pebble Beach in 2009.

This major work was also selected as the 2009 Gallery Work in the 30th anniversary book "30:30" in which significant works were selected to represent each of the first 30 year.