"The Drift No2"
Title: "The Drift No2"
by Jay Koka, © 2008
48”w x 16”, (120x40cm) acrylic on canvas
artist collection

Jay Koka: "The first "Drift" painted in 2000 was so successful, it was time to do an updated follow-up but in a style more representative of the way I paint almost a decade later. The first Drift was a tightly rendered, relatively small gouache piece featuring a Jaguar XKD pictured at speed in a way that is difficult to focus upon.

My painting style has changed a lot and I now very rarely paint in gouache on board preferring the speed of process and color intensity of acrylics and the textures imposed by the canvas.

The difference in result is clearly evident in a side-by-side comparison… although the sense of speed and blur of color are still present in this newer work."

"The Drift No2" features a Porsche Carrera GT at speed.

This major work premiered in 2008 at the AFAS Art Exhibition in Pebble Beach.

This painting was subsequently featured in the 30th anniversary book "30:30" on page 68 as the 2008 Gallery selection.