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"Boulevard Malesherbes" is one of a number of recent new paintings. Take a look at recent original works here...

Originals »

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Recent Event Art

Jay Koka has been commissioned to produce poster and event art for a wide range of international events. Take a look...

Event Art »

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Art of Travel

World-wide travel has long been featured in Jay Koka's original works. Iconic and exotic locations feature prominently...

Art of Travel »

Featured Print Releases...

Queen and John by Jay Koka
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"Queen and John"

For many years the tallest free-standing structure in the world, the iconic CN Tower forms the focal point in this view of downtown Toronto. Featured in the work: the hot McLaren Senna and a McLaren 600LT. The Senna, on John Street, approaches the busy intersection with Queen Street in the heart of downtown. A large and exceptionally detailed work... learn more...

Queen and John »

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"The Drift No4"

The Drift No 4 continues a series of paintings started in 2000. Featuring the Lamborghini Miura, this is the poster/event art for the 2018 Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance held September 2018, Ontario, Canada.

The Drift No4 »

Savannah No5 by Jay Koka
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"Savannah No5"

The magnificent 1931 Cord L-29 LaGrande Speedster is presented in one of Savannah’s historic squares. 5th in a series of Savannah-based paintings, awarded the coveted Peter Helck Award at the 2012 Automotive Fine Arts Society premiere exhibition at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. ...

Savannah No5 »

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Canvas Prints

Reproduced life-size on canvas... expensive... but they are always produced one at a time in very small editions of numbered and signed copies on artist quality canvas finished with a UV varnish. All produced by the Studio. »

Reduced Size Canvas Prints

Ranging from about 55 to 70% of the full size edition. Same quality image, just smaller. Same quality canvas and inks. Same final UV varnish. Only 10 numbered and signed. Reduced cost.  Learn More »

Paper Prints and Posters

Giclee on archive paper numbered/signed editions and offset lithograph on paper numbered/signed editions. Also available a broad range of high quality SIGNED event posters ... View the lists »

Color Proofs

All themes, prints are produced by the Studio on quality matte paper by giclee method. Each print is notated "Color Proof". One price.
View the Color Proof list »

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ONLINE Ordering

All canvas and prints may be purchased through the Studio online store using your Visa and Mastercard, All Prices in US Dollars:
For American Express charges, please call the studio.

Studio Store ONLINE orders »

OFF-LINE Ordering

Prefer an offline transaction ? call the Studio at:
1-519-650-3908 »
More offline ordering information:


OFFLINE orders »

Rare - Unusual - Unique

This new and continually evolving section features prints, posters and other surprises, but no original works. Almost all are one of a kind and can be purchased through the Studio Store. Click below to view the current list.

Rare Current List »


Some exciting paintings have started life as corporate and privately commissioned work. This is your opportunity to own a highly personal painting by one of the best known automotive-themed artists in the world. Learn more...

Private Commissions »

30:30 book image

30:30 The Book

2016 was the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Studio. We published a beautiful 96 page volume to celebrate. The standard and limited edition is sold out, a second edition is planned...learn more...

30:30 The Book »

Jay Koka Studio 10

Published in 1994 to mark Studio's 10th anniversary. Extremely limited availabilty of a few signed and numbered copies from an edition of 200. Hardcover, cloth-bound with matching hard slip cover. Can be personalized.

Jay Koka Studio 10 »

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Marking it's 30th year in 2016, the Studio and multi-award winning artist Jay Koka are in the premiere ranks of the automotive fine art...

Jay Koka Bio »

Koka Ferenc (1934-1997) »

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